CN My Glow CrystaLac

New effect! My Glow! CrystaLac – phosphorescent „luminous” gel polish.
After the Moonlight phosphorescent color gels, here are the new phosphorescent „luminous” gel polish: My Glow! CrystaLac gel polish. Amazing, phosphorescent classic CrystaLac – your clients cannot hide in the dark! Easy to use, just like the other classic (3 STEP) CrystaLac gel polishes. After applying Base Gel, apply two layers of My Glow! CrystaLac colors. Cure it layer by layer, for 2-3 mins in the UV lamp. Cover the nail with Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac as a finishing step. Use Easy Off Top Gel or Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac as a cover layer in every case. In case of thin nails, apply 1 or 2 thin layers of Easy Off Hardener Gel on Base gel. Cure time in the UV lamp: 2-3 mins, in LED: 1,5-2 mins. In 3 types of wonderful luminous colors!

CN My Glow CrystaLac

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