Rilana de Valk has been a nail artist for over 12 years. She developed a big passion for sculpting and design. For both parts she followed many trainings in other countries and started basic training in her homeland The Netherlands.
She still attents to trainings on a regular basis, because she thinks it’s very important to learn and be well informed about new developments and technics.
Rilana competed in many competitions, and managed to win a few of them. For example she was dutch champion in Gel Sculpting for 2 times. She also competed at Nailympia and the Nail Noblesse with very good results.
Over the years Rilana developed herself to become an Absolute International Master educator for the brand Crystal Nails. The exams are very strict and high level which means she had the highest possible score in every part of the exam.
She is the founder of Royal Nail School, where she – as independent educator – teaches everybody her skills. It doesn’t matter which brand you work with, everybody is welcome in her school. At Royal Nail School Rilana develops all of her trainings and workshops herself, and she always takes the newest trends and developments in consideration when she is brainstorming about a new training.
Because of her independent educator status she often goes to other locations to teach her newest designs and technics.
For the students of Royal Nail School she made a support and advice group where her students can ask any question they have and ask for advice.
As the official Importer of Crystal Nails Benelux she knows all the ins and outs of the brands’ products and helps her students and stylist gladly with questions about the products.
Rilana has an eye for detail and perfection, and wants her students to learn the same. She really wants to help her students reach a higher level and is eager to share her passion


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